Arc Complex Master Level Rework

Arc Complex Master Level Rework

Enhances and/or reworks all the major fights in the Arc Complex Master Level.

This mod takes all the major fights in the Arc Complex Master Level, and adds on top them (varies by encounter). The purple goo also no longer impairs you movement, ie. you can dash, jump, move at full speed in the goo. Below is a list of detailed changes:

Reworked/Modified Encounters

First encounter after dropping down lift shaft
• Added another wave with two Doom Hunters
• Added respawning Gargoyles, until all super heavies all killed

Encounter after breaking through store wall, goes down to reception looking area
• Added whiplashes alongside Arachnotron spawn
• Added more Prowlers and Whiplashes
• Added Maykr Drones that spawn after the Pain Elemental is killed

Next room, with two barons in the vanilla Master Level
• Added Tyrant that spawns when the first Baron hits <= 25% HP • Second Baron spawns when first Baron is killed, or if the Tyrant hit <= 50% HP • Added another Tyrant that spawns when only one super heavy remains • Added respawning Zombies, until all super heavies all killed Outside in open lot, in front of convention centre
• Added Baron that spawns when only the Tyrant or any 3 (super) heavy demons remain
• Added Doom Hunter and another Tyrant alongside Baron
• Added two Cacodemons that spawn when any 2 super heavies are killed
• Added various respawning fodder

Inside the convention centre
• Removed heavy demons leading up stairs
• Added second Arachnotron before second set of stairs
• Doom Hunter replaced with Tyrant
• Added Cyber-Mancubus up top, Doom Hunter behind the player, and two Arachnotrons to each floor on the right

Re-enabled encounter in hallway with Soldiers, Zombies, and Imps, just after the dash refill pickup and before the Pain Elemental

Encounter after exiting plane wreck
• Removed Tyrant, added Baron in adjacent room
• Second wave (Arachnotron, Prowler, Whiplash) triggers when Baron is at <= 30% HP • Adjusted delays between Prowler and Whiplash spawns • Added additional wave with Tyrant and two Revenants • Added Mecha Zombies, Soldiers, and Maykr Drones as fodder • Added Hell Knight and Dread Knight that spawn after the Tyrant is killed • Two Pain Elementals will spawn in after two (super) heavies are killed Restaurant fight
• Added another wave with a Doom Hunter, Maykr Drones, and fodder
• Killing the Doom Hunter triggers another wave with a Baron and Carcases
• Killing all Carcasses or the Baron will trigger two Arachnotrons to spawn

Encounter in large room in basement/sewer area
• Added another wave with Baron and various fodder
• When the Baron is at <= 50% HP, another Baron plus Arachnotrons, Prowlers, and more fodder will spawn Parking garage fight
• Re-enabled spawns from the non-Master Level garage fight
• Replaced Marauder with Doom Hunter
• When 1 demon remains, another wave with a Baron, Arachnotron, and fodder will be triggered
• Killing any one (super) heavy demon will spawn a Pain Elemental
• Killing another (super) heavy demon will spawn another Baron

Bridge fight before entering tower
• Added Doom Hunter
• Added two Pain Elementals that spawn when any two super heavies are killed

Marauder fight at the end
• Added another wave with various heavy demons
• Added wave with double Marauders
• Added another wave with various heavy demons and Maykr Drones
• Added another wave with buffed Marauder (buff totem respawns)

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