Beefier Weapons SFX Extra Pack

Beefier Weapons SFX Extra Pack

A follow-up to my previous Beefier Weapons SFX focused on changing the sounds of those I excluded in previous uploads, minus the Equipment Launcher’s sounds. The Crucible, Sentinel Hammer, and the Marauder’s Super Shotgun have all had their sounds replaced to sound more powerful and threatening.

For the Crucible, I didn’t have to do much. I overlaid the Marauder’s axe swinging sounds with the Crucible’s own. For the deploy sound, I used the vanilla sound, the Sentinel Hammer recharge, and the Marauder’s axe deploy sound. I used ambient sounds from the initial Blood Punch pickup, the Sentinel Hammer, and the vanilla Crucible pickup for its ammo charges. I also used one of the Sentinel Hammer’s pickup sounds for grabbing the charge as well. All this results in a weapon that sounds suitably powerful and threatening; a weapon that is not so much a blade as it is a force of nature.

For the Sentinel Hammer, I used various sounds from across the game, most notably various thunder and rumbling sounds as well as the Blood Punch choir sound that plays after a successful hit. I also used explosion sounds from both the Sticky Bomb and the giant barrels in Mars Core for an earth-shattering, sky-breaking hammer fit for a god. I changed its recharge sound to include some lightning sounds also associated with Blood Punch: this was done to both make it stand out more and to reference Mjolnir from both Norse myth and Scourge of Armagon, classic Quake’s first expansion episode.

Many of the Crucible and Sentinel Hammer’s sounds include sounds from Blood Punch to better connect the three as powerful Sentinel artifacts.

Unfortunately, during testing the ambient sound for the Hammer Pickups broke for unknown reasons. Hopefully in the future I will find out why and get to fix it.

For the Marauder’s Super Shotgun, I used the default sounds spliced together with my Beefier SSG sounds, which also applies to the reloading sound. This unifies them while still keeping the Marauder’s own weapon distinct, fit for the unholy crusader’s arsenal. If the Super Shotgun sounds like God slamming his car door, this sounds like the devil slamming his car trunk. Also works for Campaign and the Cultist Marauder podium! (Fun fact: the Marauder’s SSG can four shot a Baron of Hell, and the third shot staggers it!)

Also included as a bonus are some Doom 3 Pain Sounds and an older version of my Quake 3 Railgun Ballista, both of which I only published to the Doom Modding Discord. I decided it would be okay to have them be publicly available on Nexus, just for fun and accessibility.

Installation Instructions (Windows & Steam, paraphrased from the Discord channel):
1) Download archive from, and extract its contents to your DOOM Eternal installation’s root directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\.

These are all the files you should end up with.



2) Download your selected .zip folder(s) and simply place it in your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder. Do not extract the zip folder into the mod folder.

3) Run EternalModInjector.bat. The mod should now work!

Credits: KaffeeKatze
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