Boss Run

Boss Run

Base Mod made by Konvaz with the Thumbnail, Custom Text, and Loading Screen Tips made by UberCringe.

Start Boss Run from a New Save File

Levels Being Interfered: Doom Hunter Base, Arc Complex, Sentinel Prime, Urdak, and Final Sin
*Custom Text is also being used so this mod will be incompatible with other mods that manipulate English text

Battle each of Doom Eternal’s Bosses in the Main Campaign in a series of Five Rounds:

Round 1: Doom Hunter
Round 2: Marauder
Round 3: Gladiator
Round 4: Khan Maykr
Final Round: Icon of Sin

– – – – – –Versions– – – – – –

Standard Edition:
– Designed to be (mostly) faithful to vanilla boss fights (see notes).
– Do not expect this to be challenging for top-level players.
– Utilizes progression throughout the rounds.

Master Edition: Upcoming
– Utilizes the Gold Bosses found in Master Levels or custom-designed more difficult bosses for each boss fight.
– Expected to be challenging for top-level players.
– Has a version that utilizes progression and a version where you start the Boss Run fully loaded.

Brawler Edition: Upcoming
– Implements Under the Mayo’s “Brawler Mode” ruleset in Boss Run.
– Will be applied to both the Standard and Master Editions.
– Your progression items will be chosen automatically for you in this version.

– – – – – –Notes– – – – – –
– Make sure to check for any upgrades gained at the beginning of each round.

– After completing a level, you will be immediately sent to the next round without an End-of-Level screen. This is to prevent crashes when in mission select.

– In versions with progression, you begin the run with all Runes, all available Weapon Mods, and all Praetor Tokens in the Environmental, Exploration, and Fundamentals categories.

– The Marauder boss fight has much more health than standard Marauders. You also do not gain access to the Ballista and Chaingun until the Gladiator fight. This is so the Marauder is not that much of a pushover.

– In the Standard Edition, the Khan Maykr boss fight has slight increased resistances to the Ballista, Destroyer Blade, Precision Bolt, Micro Missiles, Lock-on Rockets, and Unmaykr.

– A few BFG pickups have been removed in the arenas.

– – – – – –Current Issues– – – – – –
– The Sentinel Crystals in Sentinel Prime and Urdak have a texture bug present. This is because those two levels do not contain assets for the top part of the capsule. It is still functional anyways.

Some vanilla bugs found here and there:
– Doom Hunter & Marauder being weird
– Music stops playing in Doom Hunter boss fight for a moment
– Screen flashes when ending Doom Hunter Base

Credits: Konvaz and UberCringe
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