Combat Shotgun Buckshot

Combat Shotgun Buckshot

Tweaks the CSG’s primary fire to feel better and more effective at mid-range and more consistent at close range, without increasing damage to single targets. Remains low utility, but feels a lot better when you do use it.

Optional full-auto tweak makes the full-auto mod into close-range crowd-shredder and single-target melter (able to kill Heavies in <1 second at point blank) to make it feel more comparable in utility to sticky bombs. Risky point-blank usage with the mastery is just non-stop carnage.

Installation (Microsoft Store version not supported):
Download the latest version of DoomModInjector, and place it in your DOOMEternal install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\).
Download and place it within your Mods folder within your install directory (included with DoomModInjector)
Run EternalModInjector.bat, the game will launch automatically
From now on you can launch the game normally as long as the game doesn’t update!

Updating with mods:
Anytime that Doom Eternal updates, you will need a new version of DoomModInjector, and potentially new versions of any mods that you use. Make sure that you have the latest versions of everything, or you will encounter problems!
Delete or move all mod files from your Mods folder and run EternalModInjector.bat
Verify your game files and confirm that the game launches and runs without issue
Open DoomModInjector.dat and change “:RESET_BACKUPS=0” to “:RESET_BACKUPS=1”
Install updated mods like usual (Place in Mods folder, run EternalModInjector.bat)

Simply delete or move from your Mods folder and run EternalModInjector.bat again

Change Details:
Primary Fire changes:

Pellets per shot increased (10 > 15)
Damage falloff begins and ends further (10 > 15, 10 > 100)
Point blank damage falloff begins closer, ends farther (4.75 > 0, 4.75 > 8)
Damage cap implemented for all enemies (320, vanilla max damage)
(This results in potentially more damage output per shot if multiple targets are hit, but damage to single targets remains the same)

Full-auto changes (optional):
Rate of fire increased slightly (160ms > 140ms between shots)
Pellets per shot doubled (10 > 20)
Spread drastically increased to double that of primary fire (3 > 8)
Damage falloff ends further (10 > 100)
Point blank damage increased, falloff begins closer (36 > 48, 4.75 > 0)
Damage cap implemented:
320 (vanilla max) for ambient and fodder sans Mecha-Zombies, plus Marauders
480 for all other demons
Aim sensitivity no longer reduced during use
Movement penalty during usage and firing reduced (80% > 90%, 60% > 80%)

Credits: Allie Bones
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