Consistent Marauder Faltering

Consistent Marauder Faltering

This makes Marauders consistently falter when shooting them with the SSG/Ballista/CSG/RL when their eyes light green.

In vanilla, the Marauder has the tendency to ignore your Super Shotgun blasts while its eyes flashed green. This is because you need to deal a minimum of 145 damage with the Super Shotgun for it to enter a falter state, which because of the Marauder’s erratic movement tends to be inconsistent to pull off.This mod changes this value to 1, so that as long as any pellet of a SSG blast connects with the Marauder while its eyes flash green, it will falter guaranteed. This also applies to the Combat Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Ballista.

To make sure that this mod wouldn’t turn out to be a placebo, I tested it by setting the totalDamageNeeded parameter to something impossibly high like 10000, after which the Marauder would never falter when I shot it with the SSG.

Credits: Durandal
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