DOOM Eternal Extra Life Mode – What Is It?

DOOM Eternal Extra Life Mode – What Is It?

Wanting to make your demon-slaying experience more challenging? We reckon you’ll be down to subscribe to the DOOM Eternal Extra Life mode.

If you’re someone who wants a little bit more of a challenge, you might already have looked up the difficulties in DOOM Eternal. If you’re a true series veteran, you might have also wanted to look up how you could make things hurt more than the most, then we reckon you’d have one hell of a wild time with the DOOM Eternal Extra Life mode. Here’s what it is and some tips on how to navigate it.

So, if you’re curious about what Extra Life Mode is, let’s just dispel one misconception really quickly – it’s not actually a separate difficulty in the game. Yes, we know, that might be a little bit confusing. Extra Life Mode is actually a difficulty modifier which can be applied to any current difficulty level that you have selected. It essentially changes one specific thing, and that one thing only: it introduces permadeath into the game. How does it do this? It turns the gameplay into a formula where you have to constantly be concerned with getting extra lives, because once you run out of lives, it’s game over for good. Yes, you heard us right. For good. You have to collect all of the extra lives that you find in order to make sure that you actually have any longevity here.

If you’re someone who’s wanting to try out the DOOM Eternal Extra Life mode (this is a bit of a misnomer, we suppose, but it’s how things are), then check out these tips that we’ve got laid out for you below to make your demon-killing experience a whole lot smoother:

  • As we’ve just said above, pick up all the extra lives. You’re definitely going to thank us later.
  • If you can avoid melee combat, do so
  • Make sure that you’re staying mobile so you’re harder to take down
  • Use your foes smartly – farm Glory Kills on imps and the like, save the hard stuff for enemies who count
  • Min-max your expertise with weapons – prioritize sniping initially while you’re getting used to the game mode
  • Make sure that you’re saving smartly
  • If you think that you could have done a level more efficiently, considering re-doing it to lose less lives
  • Don’t fret over Secret Encounters and Slayer Gates
  • Make sure to target each demon’s individual weak spots

Now that you’ve got our DOOM Eternal Extra Life mode guide in your hands, it should be a little easier for you to deal with this difficulty modifier and to accomplish what you need to if you’re looking to Platinum the game. We would definitely recommend getting the hang of things by clocking it once without this Mode first, but hey, if you’re wanting to brave the storms then we certainly can’t stop you. You’re an adult! Need a hand with anything else in DOOM Eternal?

Credits: Ginny Woo
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    I agree it needs mod support. The fans don’t care how you allow it, just allow it. Snapmap was a nice idea for consoles but unacceptable for the doom community as a whole, who create incredible content on the regular from scratch.

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