‘Doom Eternal’ Weapons & Build Guide: Best Mods & Upgrades

‘Doom Eternal’ Weapons & Build Guide: Best Mods & Upgrades

Doom Eternal has finally unleashed its vengeance on players, giving them the chance to enter the role of the Doom Slayer as he mows down countless members of the demonic horde. The mostly single-player shooter has a vast amount of upgrades and customization options that allow players to build a hero that best suits their playstyle. Understanding which weapon mods or perks to equip can be difficult, but knowing what to bring to the fight is also the only way to win.

We feel these are the best builds for your Slayer, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Some players are all about resource management and frag grenades, while others just want to Super Shotgun their way through every demon. Just pick what you want from your arsenal and work it out.

Doom Eternal Best Weapon Mods
Each weapon in Doom Eternal can be outfitted with one of two Weapon mods (other than the Super Shotgun and BFG 9000.) Each of these mods can be improved with Upgrades that are purchased with points earned by killing all the demons in a level, finishing challenges or finishing the Slayer Gate objectives. We recommend picking a mod that fits your style, upgrading it to the max and then completing the challenge to make it even stronger. Mod robots appear more frequently later in the game, so you’ll have a full arsenal by the time the campaign is over.

Here are some of our favorite mods to get you through the game.

  • Combat Shotgun- Sticky Grenade- The first mod you get might be the most used. Lob a projectile that sticks to any surface and watch those demons turn to vapor.
  • Heavy Cannon- Micro Missiles- Summoning a swarm of tiny missiles that can deal AoE damage is a must when you are trying to chunk out the health of larger demons. The Precision Bolt is useful for disarming specific demons by shooting them in the correct spots from afar, but running and gunning has always been a more fun approach to hell slaughter.
  • Plasma Rifle- Microwave Beam- Being able to target one specific demon and throw all your ammo into killing it is a blessing when trying to nail down Doom Eternal’s most slippery beasts. When the rifle beam is engaged on target, the demon can’t attack and is staggered, making it really easy for you to keep the momentum alive. Using the beam while other demons are around is risky, so try to save your beam until the board is clear of anything but fodder. One of the first weapon upgrades you should purchase is the Increased Range on the Microwave Beam.
  • Rocket Launcher- Lock on Burst- With the Rocket Launcher, mods aren’t nearly as important, but lock on is definitely the better option. Throwing three missiles that heavily chunk armored units can clear your way out of a difficult level. The remote detonate mod is also useful, allowing you to quickly explode a rocket that would have otherwise missed its target. Experiment with each and figure out which one fits your playstyle better.
  • Ballista- Destroyer Blade- The giant blade of death has become our favorite weapon for clearing rooms of demons. Charging up the beam does take time (there is an upgrade to mitigate that) and can cut even the most hardcore Caccodemon in half.
  • Chaingun- Energy Shield- Being able to carry a mini turret wherever you go is nice, but having a shield to block damage is even nicer.

Which is your favorite mod in your arsenal? Tell us in the comments section.

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