Guts of Steel

Guts of Steel

This mod makes making a Cacodemon swallow a Sticky Bomb/Frag Grenade no longer automatically stagger.

Instead, this weakpoint is now better used to temporarily hold off a Cacodemon (or a group of them) while you’re busy doing other things. Since you can no longer easily stagger Cacodemons for a free Glory Kill this way, you have to consider more complicated stagger set-ups. Note that the swallow does still deal 1000 damage (as it does in vanilla), so after a swallow the Caco can be killed in three Combat Shotgun shots or one point-blank Super Shotgun shot.

Known Issues:
* While making a Caco swallow a bomb does deal damage, making a Caco swallow one will never kill or stagger it even when it technically should. Cacos can still be killed during their swallow recovery animation with your guns, however.

Credits: Durandal
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