A collection of gameplay changes ideal for semi-vanilla play on difficult maps.
(Designed for use with Master Levels in Campaign)

I have wanted to release something like this for a while. This was going to be packaged with the next update of my mod, however after careful consideration i would like to leave the option for players to have closest to vanilla play possible.
These changes are still focused at a vanilla playthrough, it’s not over the top but buffs things i feel like weren’t balanced correctly.

– Chainsaw Recharge Tweaks by Elizabethany
– A hybrid of Crucible costs tweaked by Elizabethany and Chainsaw Crucible by Blubber (RIP)
– A heavily modified and gutted version of ZOOM Eternal by RexxPaul
– A hybrid of The Redeemer by PowerBall253, Combat Shotgun Buckshot by Allie B0nes, and ZOOM eternal’s changes to the shotgun

Full list of changes
(Combat Shotgun)
Full Auto now can destroy soldier’s shields almost instantly

Removes the “zoom” when using full auto
Increases the full auto fire rate by 20%
Movement speed is no longer reduced while using full auto

Primary Fire changes:
Pellets per shot increased (10 > 15)
Damage falloff begins and ends further (10 > 15, 10 > 100)
Point blank damage falloff begins closer, ends farther (4.75 > 0, 4.75 > 8)
Damage cap implemented for all enemies (320, vanilla max damage)
Full-auto changes:
Rate of fire increased slightly (160ms > 140ms between shots)
Pellets per shot doubled (10 > 20)
Spread drastically increased to double that of primary fire (3 > 8)
Damage falloff ends further (10 > 100)
Point blank damage increased, falloff begins closer (36 > 48, 4.75 > 0)
Damage cap implemented:
320 (vanilla max) for ambient and fodder sans Mecha-Zombies, plus Marauders
480 for all other demons
Aim sensitivity no longer reduced during use
Movement penalty during usage and firing reduced (80% > 90%, 60% > 80%)

(Plasma Rifle)
Movement speed is no longer effected when using microwave beam
The microwave beam range upgrade now gives it infinite range

Movement speed is no longer effected when using the chaingun turret movement speed upgrade
Chaingun turret deploy speed is decreased

Movement speed is no longer effected when using the destroyer blade movement speed upgrade

Fodder demons now take no crucible pips to sync kill
Enemies drop ammo when killed by the crucible

Tier one zombies and tentacles cost no chainsaw ammo
Maykr drones cost 1 chainsaw ammo
Carcasses, Whiplashes, Cacodemons, Prowlers, Pinkies and Revenants now cost 2 fuel instead of 3.
Lowers the time to refill one bar of fuel from 30s to 20s
Allows you to regen up to 2 bars of fuel

(Environment Suit)
Increases ledge-grab speed by 40% after buying the upgrade for it

Credits: Elizabethany Rexxpaul Allieb0nes Powerball253 and Blubber
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