LavaMod for Doom Eternal

LavaMod for Doom Eternal

A full gameplay suite that lets players customize Doom Eternal’s gameplay to their liking with re-balanced levels, two new weapon packs, two new rulesets, optional mutators, and much more.

What is LavaMod?
LavaMod is a full-fledged gameplay suite for Doom Eternal. The goal of LavaMod is to tear down Hugo Martin’s “Fun Zone” and let players rebuild it for themselves in order to create their own ideal Doom Eternal experiences. Anybody of any skill level, no matter how much they liked or disliked ID Software’s vision for Doom Eternal, will be able to enjoy LavaMod in some way.

Choice of 3 unique arsenals: classic-style LavaMod weapons, 2016 weapon stats, or Eternal weapons.
Choice of 3 different rulesets: LavaMod “Famine Mode+”, 2016 “Free-For-All”, or Eternal “Fun Zone”.
More ammo, health, and armor pickups added into levels! Say goodbye to micromanagement!
Dozens of new, hard-to-find secrets with huge rewards!
More goodies stuffed into previously-existing secrets to add replay value!
Brand new enemy encounters and remixes of previously-existing encounters.
Nasty little Serious Sam-styled traps to make you distrust armor shards and health bonuses.
No more infinitely-respawning enemies in normal arenas! You can now clear out the fodder first and save Heavies for last!
Disables the regenerating Chainsaw fuel by default.
Item pickup respawn timers either removed or made much longer. No more camping for extra bullets by shootable doors!
No more health, armor, and ammo restoration between levels! What you end the last level with is what you’ll start the next with.
The long-awaited return of ROCKET JUMPING!
Removes the flow-breaking Revenant section from Cultist Base, turning it into a regular encounter.
Removes immersion-breaking cameras from levels, keeping you in control at all times.
Changes the UAC Spokesperson holograms to player-activated instead of automatic!
No more cartoony headshot sound effect!
Longer-lasting powerups to let you have more fun!
Removes the humiliating Cacodemon grenade weakness, making these iconic enemies a threat again.
Smaller crosshairs designed for PC monitors, not TVs.
Various gameplay mutators such as Quake Movement Speed, removed weakpoints and stagger states, and more

And the best part?
The installation is completely modular, meaning you can pick and choose exactly how you want to play Doom Eternal!

Want to try out the new weapons without disrupting the “Fun Zone”? Just keep the weapon .ZIP files and delete everything else! Ever wondered how the Quakecon 2018 build felt to play? Delete the weapon .ZIP files and use the 2016 ruleset .ZIP files with the rebalanced levels! Like certain weapon mods but not others? Mix and match any combination of weapons you want! You could take the LavaMod Combat Shotgun and give it the Eternal Sticky Bombs and 2016 Charged Burst! Anything is possible!

What makes the LavaMod weapon set so special?
The LavaMod weapons have been rebuilt from the ground-up to restore the gamefeel of classic Doom or (in the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle’s cases) Quake while still staying balanced within NuDoom’s design. Every aspect of the weapons will feel familiar to long-time players, from the amount of shots the shotguns take to kill enemies to approximately the same ranges to kill them from. Combat as a whole has been restructured in order to make every single weapon in the arsenal useful in combat even into the endgame stages.

Did I mention the Unmaykr is hitscan now?
You just want to run around with the Super Shotgun for 4 hours.

Not true. The rebalanced LavaMod levels have been designed with Hugo Martin’s vision of constant weapon switching in mind. You will never be able to just Super Shotgun your way out of any one arena in LavaMod with just the ammo pickups given to you. At some point, you will run out of shells and need to switch to either bullets, cells, or rockets in order to complete an arena. Because LavaMod is designed around a Famine Mode+ playstyle by default, you can’t just weasel your way out of an encounter by chainsawing for more shells every 20 seconds, either. Proper inventory management is the key to victory–with healthy doses of ammo found in secrets to help you along the way, of course.

Why are you releasing this beta version?
Unfortunately, I am leaving the Doom modding community. I no longer want to be associated with it. I am releasing LavaMod in its current, buggy, unpolished, not fully-playtested (as in campaign might not be beatable with Vanilla and 2016 weapons in Famine Mode+) state so that my hundreds of hours spent working on this passion project will not go to waste.

I am releasing LavaMod for Doom Eternal as open-source, meaning that anyone who wishes to continue this project or update it if future updates break everything may do so. The only stipulation is that the author(s) must make it clear that any derivative LavaMod forks are in fact, forks of LavaMod in the title of the forked mod. For instance, naming it “LavaMod-refined” or something like that.

Credits: IDrinkLava
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