Nekravol Master Level Mod

Nekravol Master Level Mod

This mod replaces the regular campaign mission, overhauling all combat encounters.
Modifies all combat encounters in Nekravol, for a Master Level style experience.

Important Changes
After the combat encounter in the pit, shooting the switch to open the gate will allow access to a teleporter that takes you straight to the Kalibas fight, skipping the long cage ride.
Environmental hazards have been removed in the Kalibas fight. The fire grates will no longer damage you, nor will the lava.
Pain Elementals and Cacodemons will infinitely respawn until Kalibas is killed
After killing Kalibas, you’ll run into a room with a crusher and a lone Welder Zombie. Killing it will trigger a joke encounter where you kill Marauders with the crusher. 5 will spawn one at a time, ending with 4 Marauders at once. You can simply walk past the Welder to skip this encounter.
I’ve added a teleporter after the arena with the second crusher to skip some platforming sections. The combat encounter between them is also skipped as a result.
The first buff pod has been moved to center-top area of the arena. It will respawn on a 10s timer until the end of the fight.
Upon finishing the buff pod room encounter, the gate leading to the final arena will open, bypassing the need to reach and use the skull switches. The combat encounter in a hallway with a Marauder and Whiplash has been skipped as a result.
The second buff pod will respawn on a 20s timer
The statue of Olivia will collapse on its own upon finishing the final encounter. If you restart from checkpoint then, you’ll need to manually punch the statue to knock it down.

Credits: beth
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