No Knockback

No Knockback

This mod removes all forms of knockback enemies can perform against the Slayer, because it’s a dumb mechanic and I hate it.

Are you sick and tired of trying to get your slay on, only to be pushed around the arena like a child in a mosh pit? Well No Knockback might be the mod for you!

This mod was made for Version 2.1 of the game. It works by removing any lines in enemy attacks referencing pushback, knockback, screen blur, or anything that might suggest it messes with you in any way. Please note: Some attacks might feel like they lack the “umph” they should, considering they still do the same amount of damage, but no umph is better than so much umph that it breaks the physics and makes the game un-fun to play.

Also note: I tested most instances of Knockback and didn’t find any that still worked, but I’m just one person, and it’s hard to test everything. If you manage to spot any let me know so I can remove it in a future version.

How to use:
1). Download the zip and put the zip in your Mods folder
2). run the EternalModInjector.dat
3). Play DOOM Eternal

I am not responsible for any issues that may occur while using this mod.

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