Smaller Reticles

Smaller Reticles

A simple mod that reduces the size of (almost) every reticle in the game.

Ever felt like the reticles in Doom Eternal are too big? Wish they got smaller as your FOV got higher like in 2016 and some other games? This mod aims to alleviate those problems. Smaller Reticles reduces the size of most crosshairs to a value of 0.71, making them more comfortable to use for those who prefer smaller crosshairs like myself but don’t want to miss out on the weapon mod info or the stylistic value of the default crosshairs that are unfortunately lost with the dot crosshair.

Exceptions to this include the Heavy Cannon, Ballista, and Marauder crosshair. The Heavy Cannon is reduced to 0.64, identical to COGSpartan’s Viewmodel FOV mod (which Smaller Reticles is compatible with). The Ballista is set to 0.71 by default, so I did not see it as necessary to reduce its size. Lastly, changing the Marauder’s crosshair size causes it to go off center, which unfortunately means it had to be left at its default scale. Regardless, I have left the Ballista and Marauder files in the .zip folder in case anyone wishes to modify them for themselves.

Credits to bezellik for their Reworked Dot Reticles mod, from which this mod was inspired (and from which the 0.71 value was taken) and COGSpartan’s previously mentioned Viewmodel FOV mod, from which the Heavy Cannon’s 0.64 value was taken.

Installation Instructions (Windows & Steam):
1) Download archive from, and extract its contents to your DOOM Eternal installation’s root directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\.

These are all the files you should end up with.



2) Download Smaller and simply place it in your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder. Do not extract the zip folder into the mod folder.

3) Run EternalModInjector.bat. The mod should now work!

Removal Instructions (Windows & Steam)
1) Remove Smaller from your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder.

2) Run EternalModInjector.bat again.

3) The mod should now be removed!

Credits: KaffeeKatze
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