ZOOM Eternal

ZOOM Eternal

This mod is like the Overdrive powerup on speed. Most weapons are overpowered. This isn’t meant to be a balanced mod, or well thought-out… it’s just fun. It makes platforming a breeze and it lets someone like me, who struggles with Ultra-Violence struggle playing Nightmare.

Works with version 3.1

I used the now-defunct “Locomotive” mod by Negate The Stars as a baseplate for this mod. I tweaked a lot of his changes to my own preferences, left many others as he made them, Any details below where it says “unsure of effect” are his tweaks that I wasn’t 100% sure about, but I left them in because it plays well. Much credit for this mod goes to him.

Here’s a basic summary of the gameplay changes:
NOTE 1: Some abilities may be unaffected until an upgrade/mastery has been unlocked, e.g. Dash refill time.

NOTE 2: If you want to keep some changes but get rid of others, see the README inside the .zip folder.

NOTE 3: It is recommended (not required) to equip the Air Control rune with this mod. I haven’t tested it without it.

• Increases Double Jump height by roughly 50%.
• Increases Dash momentum by 33%.
• Reduces Dash refill time by 70%.
• Increases ledge-grab speed by 40%.
• Increases weapon-change speed by 60%.
• Increases weapon-mod-change speed by 60%.
• Increases Glory Kill speed by 50% (only tested with Savagery rune equipped)
• Reduces Precision Bolt reload time from 1.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
• Reduces Arbalest (w/Mastery) charge time.
• Reduces Destroyer Blade charge time by 50%.
• Reduces Heat Blast requirement by 75%.
• Increases charge time of Microwave Beam mod.
• Infinite range for Microwave Beam mod.
• Super Shotgun reload speed doubled.
• Sticky Bombs reload speed doubled (when reloading from empty).
• Increase base movement speed by 70%.
• Reduces cooldown of Energy Shield by 25%.
• Meathook cooldown speed reduced by 66%
• Increases Meathook lock-on range by a vague, ridiculous amount (note: may cause you to lock-on to far away demons even if others are in the way)
• Increases Meathook lock-on target radius by 25%.
• Increases Meathook lock-on speed.
• Increases Meathook pull-speed by 40%.
• Reduces Rocket Launcher Lock-On Burst charge time by 75%.
• Doubles Rocket Launcher Lock-On Burst range.
• Movement speed is now unaffected while Shield is equipped.
• Movement speed is now unaffected while Mobile Turret is engaged.

Installation Instructions:
1. Read the instructions for “Mod Loader Installation” and “Playing With Mods”, found here
2. Download the .zip file from here and place it in your “Mods” folder.
3. Run the mod injector (Run as Administrator) and enjoy.

Credits: rexxpaul
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